Why Bicycle Riding

Reduce Transport Costs

Bicycle riding is a cheap, efficient and fast form of transportation!

Increase Physical Activity

Tasmanians are the least active in the nation. Exercise provided by regular bicycle riding offers a plethora of health benefits and protective effects against the development of chronic disease!

Create Sustainable Behaviour Change

Encouraging bicycle riding for everyday transport is a proven method of fostering long term healthy behaviour change!

Reduce Oil VulnerabilityWhyRide.png

Reducing transport reliance on petroleum products increases Tasmania's economic resilience and protects the community against oil price shocks!

Increase Livability

Bicycle riding  contributes significantly to the potential of population centres to support quality of life, health and wellbeing, and is in line with Australia's national urban policy.  Tasmania’s cities and towns will benefit economically if they improve livability for their citizens. Areas with a high livability index tend to have higher property values.

Contribute to Social Inclusion

Bicycle riding is an easily accessible and affordable independent transport option. Bicycle riders report a greater sense of personal control and community connectedness.

Reduce Emissions

Bicycles produce zero emissions. Tasmania’s "clean green" image is supported by more people riding bicycles!

Reduce Road Congestion

Bicycle riders require less space when in transit or when parking than other road users.  With the costs of road construction increasing steeply, this is an important consideration.

Benefits to Business

Business stands to benefit from bicycle riding. Already bicycles outsell cars in Australia. People require new bicycles, ongoing regular maintenance of their bicycles, and regularly purchase fashionable accessories. A dollar saved on petrol is a dollar that stays in the local economy. Studies are emerging that demonstrate increased benefits to businesses located along safe cycling routes.

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